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The ABT A6 Avant 4G

It has it all: The ABT Audi A6 Avant is a fast luxury liner. It is sporty and dynamic and brings you a lot of fun. Its excellent comfort means that you will still have that fun even when going long distances. It provides plenty of space for your luggage and has the typical 4-pipe exhaust system in the back, too. This estate car embodies a special lifestyle and power.
In visual terms, this estate comes across as both discreet and extravagant. It is assertive and powerful from whatever perspective. Side moldings and air dam are fully in line with the longitudinal design of the car. The aerofoil and the rear apron set with its rear pipe linings complete its impressive look.
Regardless of what aerodynamics you choose, you will always get a balanced car that meets the highest standards: Dependability and long-haul capacity plus a maximum of sportiness. After all, you don’t want to do without comfort and luxury just because you are in a hurry. 


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