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gt speed - vitesse rosé

The Mansory Bentley Continental GT Speed - Vitesse Rosé

Vitesse Rosé - the name says it all. Vitesse means velocity in French, which is appropriate considering the fact that the Bentley Continental GT Speed is the epitome for swiftness. Rosé is the dominating color of the luxury coupé, which is only offered in a limited edition of three cars.


For more than 20 years, the company Mansory stands for high-class tuning and is the top pick when it comes to extravagant refinement of British luxury automobiles. The main focus is mainly visual modifications, which enhance the dynamic character of the cars. The company owner, Kourosh Mansory, already follows this trail with the newly designed Vitesse Rosé.


The exclusive Mansory aerodynamics package sets benchmarks in quality and appearance. The car body components made of PU-RIM perfectly integrate into the original design, but also render a significant dynamic style. Front and rear apron, in connection with the side skirts, form a unit and present a visual and color-coordinated refinement. LED daytime running lights, which are integrated in the front apron, render additional passive safety and, in combination with the carbon fiber bonnet, enhance the dynamic look of the two-door car.


In addition, the component parts optimize the air duct over the car silhouette, which greatly improves the handling on the vehicle. The necessary extra down force can be attributed to the carbon rear lip, which perfectly flows into the shape of the boot lid and prevents any troubles with the traction.


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