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The Mansory Bentley Continental Flying Spur

The British 4-wheel driven Sedan is equipped with the Mansory front spoiler, which is integrated with state of the art daytime running or cornering lights. Sword design elements that is either painted or fully chromed carry through to the fully chromed air intake grills, which add a striking effect.


All Mansory spoiler equipment is manufactured in a way that no additional mounting or fitting points need to be drilled. The company utilizes all-existing mounting points for simple installation.


The Mansory redesigned side skirts with fully chromed embellishment gives the Flying Spur a longer, sleeker appearance. The complete redesigned rear skirt incorporates Mansory's oval chromium plated, stainless steel, exclusive, over and under exhaust tips, which makes an extreme statement of performance and speed coupled with a dominating sound. The auto body can get lower as desired with a direct intervention to the electronic air suspension.


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