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linea vinceró

The Mansory Bugatti Veyron 16.4 - Linea Vinceró

And the opera has another reference to the offered product portfolio by ending after three acts.

The LINEA Vincerò edition is also not infinite – the project is strictly limited. It goes without saying that such a sonorous name is only suitable for an absolutely high quality program. The Bugatti Veyron serial edition already sets high standards in terms of price, maximum speed, and engine power and leaves its competitors far behind when a contender for the super sports car is to be crowned. 


Whoever now thinks that everything possible has been achieved, can be proved wrong. The changes are evident through the appearance of the vehicle. The front receives a comprehensive facelift, which includes modified wings, a shorter hood, and a striking front apron. The LED daytime running lights integrated in the front mount and the implemented stylized “V” as a special tribute to the name “Vincerò” draws even more attention to the car.


The newly developed side skirts are the visual and aerodynamic connection between the axles. Larger air outlets at the sides and at the back render optimal engine cooling and, in combination with the new diffuser, underline the powerful car design. 


Mansory manufactures nearly all auto body parts from ultra light and high strength carbon. The applied hardening technique using strong pressure and high temperatures in the autoclave thereby enormously improve the material quality. 


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