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linea vinceró d'oro

The Mansory Bugatti Veyron 16.4 - Linea Vinceró d'Oro

LINEA Vincerò d’Oro – The ultimate Bugatti Veyron 16.4 from Mansory remains one of a kind.

With the LINEA Vincerò d’Oro, Mansory has completed its strictly limited series for the refined Bugatti Veyron 16.4. After the specialist for exclusive luxury vehicles raised the bar for high-performance sports cars by another level in March 2009, Mansory is now placing the crowning glory on the art of refinement. Using targeted changes, Mansory first transformed the Bugatti Veyron into the LINEA Vincerò and then, using a special gold-colored alloy, into the unique LINEA Vincerò d’Oro.


In comparison to the standard Veyron, the LINEA Vincerò has received a comprehensive facelift to its front, consisting of modified fenders, a shortened bonnet, and a striking front apron. The LED daytime running lights and the stylized letter “V” (paying homage to the name Vincerò) built into the car’s front end are particular highlights of the new design, while the newly developed side skirts form a visual and aerodynamic link between the axles. 


Larger air outlets at the rear and at the sides of the car ensure optimal engine cooling and, with the new diffuser, underscore the vehicle’s vibrant design. Mansory manufactures almost all the components in the car’s body from ultra light, high strength carbon. The autoclave method of hardening under high pressure and high temperatures used during the manufacturing process makes a huge improvement to the quality of the materials.


Gold-colored features, including the distinctive “turbine” design alloy wheels, the curved grill featuring the stylized “Vincerò V”, the door handles, the rear view mirror caps, and the fuel tank cap, complete the LINEA Vincerò d’Oro. But that’s not all; the headlight washer nozzle covers, the borders around the daytime running LEDs, and the decorative features on the roof all shimmer in precious gold too.


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