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stallone - f141

The Mansory Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano - Stallone

The Mansory Stallone is given its visual finishing touch by the lift-reducing aerodynamics kit made of carbon. This material finds already ample use in the basic model of the Fiorano. Here, however, Mansory goes one step further and uses carbon with the highest surface quality for all of its chassis components. As a result of these modifications, the weight is reduced significantly when compared to the production series components. 


Part of the expressive front structure is a down force generating front section with special air intakes for ventilating the new intercooler.  The Mansory side skirts steady the airflow between the axles and give the vehicle a bold, aggressive look. The newly designed rear section with integrated diffuser stabilizes the rear axle and provides the necessary extra down force. The Mansory Stallone acquires its highly individual flair through the broadening of its wings.