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The Mansory Custom Bike - Zapico

The high-quality range of the high-end manufacturer Mansory is not only impressive for four-wheeled luxury vehicles. The head of the company, Kourosh Mansory, also demonstrates his amazing vehicle construction and design skills with a fascinating custom bike.


The finest carbon and polished aluminum decorates the impressive-looking cruiser while the front mask, bug spoiler, seat module, primary shield, and silencer, as well as the applications on the fuel tank, the frame, fork, wheel rims, and air box are exclusively manufactured for you in masterly craftsmanship in the Mansory factory.


Each individual element is manufactured in perfect surface quality and is accurately fitted onto the vehicle. The Mansory specialists benefit from their decades of experience in refining exclusive super sports cars. Hence, every Zapico bike becomes a stylistically arranged and strictly limited masterpiece.


The custom bike is driven by a powerful 124 cubic inch V2 engine made by the well-known American engine manufacturer S&S. This large two-cylinder engine delivers a full 160 hp to the extra-large rear tires and can accelerate the 340 kg bike from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.3 seconds.


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