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c197 - cormeum

The Mansory Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Coupé - Cormeum

660 HP and 90 kg less weight are only two unique selling features of this exceptional automobile, which is limited to 15 vehicles in a class of its own. 


In order to optimize the performance of a sports car, Kouroush Mansory and his team utilizes ultra-light weight components and even replaces the roof and gull-wing doors with in-house developed ultra-light designs.


A Mansory front spoiler replaces the production series bumper and due to its well-engineered shape, it reduces the lift at the front axle. Larger air inlets in connection with a new LED light unit provide the two-seater with an even more sporty appearance.  Additionally, the air inlets supply the enlarged radiators with the increased demand for fresh air and subsequently channel the air out from underneath the new bonnet. 


Mansory also replaces the front and rear wings with broader, newly designed lightweight components. This widens the Cormeum by 66 mm at the front axle and an impressive 84 mm at the rear axle.  Mansory side skirts make the two-seater appear even lower and longer, and draw even more thrilling attention to the rims. 


The aerodynamic engineers at Mansory have also significantly redesigned the rear of the automobile. The rear apron has been exchanged and a race diffuser provides the additional down force. A rear spoiler with carbon flaps completes the overall aerodynamic package. 


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