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c197 + r197 - soft

The Mansory Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Coupé + Roadster - Soft Package

During the development, Mansory pays special attention to the individual design of the chassis components, making no compromises when it comes to aerodynamic efficiency and significant weight optimization. In order to reduce inert masses, Mansory uses ultra-light and high-strength carbon to manufacture its chassis components. 


Part of the new body kit is a front lip spoiler with a sporty dynamic look. This compliments the production series bumper and due to its well-engineered shape it reduces the lift at the front axle. The new carbon bonnet and illuminated gills alongside the wings bring the Mansory refinement to full circle. The new side skirts provide the visual link between the front and rear fenders. The new rear lip spoiler and optimized diffuser provide additional lift and perfect the elegant lines of the styling package.


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