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957 - chopster

The Mansory Porsche Cayenne - 957 - Chopster

Mansory relies on most modern manufacturing methods and solely uses the ultra-light and high-strength material carbon for its extensive auto body modifications.


Whether it is the front or rear apron, the doors, the bonnet, or the wings, which broaden the cars by 80 millimeters - all components are formed out of carbon and hardened under strong pressure and high temperatures in the autoclave.


The advantages of the high-tech method are evident: reducing the car weight does not only improve the acceleration values, but also reduces the braking distance and the fuel consumption of the Chopster.


Lowering the roofline by 60 millimeters confirms the sporty look and within the overall package, leads to elaborate aerodynamics and an exciting appearance.


Large air inlets provide optimal air supply for the drive unit. Four extra headlights increase the passive safety and underline the sportive-dynamic look.


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