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The Mansory Porsche Panamera 970

The specialists for exclusive refinement of premium automobiles turns the four-door Gran Turismo into a power pack, which is even more dynamic and exclusive, and most of all has a significantly more distinct appearance.


Although the company owner, Kourosh Mansory, solely focused on British luxury cars, he has also proven his talent for Italian brands, such as the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, and German automobiles, like the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. After the Chopster Cayenne, the Panamera is the second Porsche that has been given the honor to become entirely modified by Mansory.


The latest model range from Zuffenhausen is equipped with an athletic body design in Mansory tradition. Perfectly matching components turn the front section of the Mansory modification into a dynamic highlight. The new front skirt with adapted LED daytime running lights in combination with the striking bonnet made of carbon fiber give the front section a distinctive character.


Masculine broadenings for the wings and doors perfectly harmonize with the new side skirts. At the back of this four-door-car, an enormous carbon diffuser and the centrally located double end pipes of the sports exhaust system render a thrilling atmosphere.


Mansory decorates the originally hydraulic rear with carbon applications or entirely replaces it with a static wing profile made of carbon. The engineers produce the new aerodynamic components in high-strength polyurethane (PU-RIM) and Prepeg-Autoclave-Carbon, the characteristic material for Mansory.